Bräcker at ITME 2016 in Mumbai

Bräcker at ITME 2016 in Mumbai
January 5, 2017 textileworldmedia
ITME 2016 Bräcker

Bräcker at ITME 2016 in Mumbai

BERKOL® multigrinder designed for the entire range of top rollers and long cots

Bräcker the specialist for key components in ring spinning machines will present a variety of new products at ITME 2016 in Mumbai. The company will demonstrate the ability, to generate additional customer value, by utilising its expertise in ring spinning.

The highlight at ITME will be the BERKOL® multigrinder. The entire range of top rollers and long cots used in a spinning mill can be processed on only ONE single machine. Any execution of center guided top roller is ground fully automatically on the BERKOL® multigrinder. With this system you achieve a grinding capacity of up to 150 top rollers per hour, while you can leave the BERKOL® multigrinder unattended for as long as 30 minutes. In addition to the automatic grinding of top rollers, with the BERKOL® multigrinder you also benefit from the semi-automatic grinding of long cots with up to 490mm axis length. Thanks to these two applications on one and the same grinding machine you can reduce the number of grinding systems required in your mill.

On the occasion of strengthening the assortment of BERKOL® cots, Bräcker launches with BERKOL 63 a new cot dedicated to spinning compact yarns. It enables constantly outstanding yarn values throughout entire lifetime. Excellent fibre guideance is given due to softness of compound without showing lapping tendencies. Besides the introduction of the new cot, other types were optimized to offer highest market standards in terms of price / performance ratio. Samples are ready for shipment to your mill in order to verify their quality and to benefit from the upgrade of the BERKOL® assortment.

The new STARLETplus traveller from Bräcker with its improved coating shows a better resistance against corrosion. This is of high importance in challenging spinning conditions like high humidity or aggressive fibres. As a result, the service life can be extended by up to 50%. These travellers, which are suited for the entire yarn count range, are especially recommended for spinning viscose, CO/CV blends, PES, and dyed fibres. During the entire service life the yarn quality values remain constant.

Other products, which Bräcker will present at ITME, will include TITAN and RedOrbit spinning rings, as well as STARLET, PYRIT and ZIRKON travellers.

ITME 2016 Bracker

Pic.1- BERKOL® multigrinder – the entire range of top rollers and long cots can be processed on only ONE single machine

ITME 2016 Bracker

Pic.2-The new BERKOL 63 – the cot for spinning compact yarns

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