Loepfe Presents Quality Control Solutions at ITMA Asia 2016

Loepfe Presents Quality Control Solutions at ITMA Asia 2016
January 7, 2017 textileworldmedia

Fiber and Yarn Quality

Loepfe Presents Quality Control Solutions at ITMA Asia

Loepfe at ITMA Asia 2016 in Shanghai | H1 B28

Loepfe Brothers Ltd. presents a comprehensive portfolio of quality control solutions for the textile industry at ITMA Asia, which was held in Shanghai October 21st until 25th. For the very first time in Asia, the company will inform about the developments in the new LabMaster series. The series consists of the two measurement devices FIBERMAP, YARNMAP and LabMaster TOP. Both of them integrate the most important measurements into a single device. FIBERMAP measures all fiber-related parameters and delivers the complete fiber profile throughout the whole preparation process of the spinning mill, from bale to finisher sliver. FIBERMAP provides data of standard classing measurements and also measures process-relevant parameters like neps, seed coat neps, trash and stickiness. Easy sample preparation and large sample sizes result in a high efficiency: a throughput of up to 250 samples during an eight-hour shift is possible. The YARNMAP increases the efficiency in the textile laboratory even further. It enables a synchronized measurement of the most relevant yarn properties, like count, evenness, hairiness, and strength. In addition, all preparation products can be checked for mass evenness at the same time. The new management cockpit LabMaster TOP completes the series. It integrates all LabMaster devices into one central data management system. By delivering value-added reports directly on the management’s desk, it is an efficient tool for quality management in the spinning mill.

Also during ITMA Asia Loepfe will present the new yarn clearer generation YarnMaster ZENIT+, which utilizes state-of-the-art technology, fastest processors, and measuring technology. This extremely reliable product safely detects even the finest yarn irregularities. Just one sensing head covers the range of yarn counts from Nec 2.4 to Nec 320. The YarnMaster ZENIT+ allows even more precise yarn clearing then ever before and delivers a multi-layered evaluation of the measuring results. The new yarn clearers and additional features like nep cluster channel, off-standard bobbin detection, and improved foreign matter detection, enable a 100 % online quality control in the spinning mill. Many of expensive and lengthy laboratory measurements are incorporated in the yarn clearer. The easy to service and easy to operate central unit LZE-V provides a clearly structured user interface. When needed, Loepfe technicians have the possibility to remote control the system, to check the status of the central unit and to update the software. The result is an increased reliability.

The new online data management system MillMaster TOP is able to monitor and analyse the quality data from Loepfe yarn clearers. The modern software can collect, visualise and analyse quality data from up to 7,200 spindles in real-time. The data management system has a comprehensive functionality. The shop mill floor view gives an overview of all winding machines. Traffic light colours indicate the performance of the different machines or yarn production lots. Setting-up MillMaster TOP is very easy, because all connected machines are recognised automatically. With its modern client server architecture the system is the ideal solution for winding machines. The data is not only available on the server, but can also be displayed on a handheld device, e.g. a tablet computer. MillMaster TOP can be customized with various options, which are installed automatically via Loepfe´s cloud service.

For open-end spinning applications Loepfe offers YarnMaster 3N1. The yarn clearer combines three sensors: an optical sensor for diameter measurement, a F-sensor for detection of foreign matter, and a P-sensor for detection of synthetic foreign matter like polypropylene. In addition YarnMaster 1N1 is available, which has one sensor for diameter measurement. Both yarn clearers can communicate with the machine control of the open-end spinning machine. The graphical user interface provides comfortable access to all functions and reports. The user activates the yarn clearing by setting classes within the clearer matrix using the touch screen. The length and deviation limits of the classes can be set individually within certain limits. Repetitive quality stops or longer faults can be blocked for particular rotors. The YarnMaster 3N1/1N1 covers the range of yarn counts from Nec 3 to Nec 60 with maximum spinning speeds up to 400 m/min. The desired quality can be achieved with the maximum possible machine efficiency.

For weaving mill applications the new WeftMaster Falcon-i optical yarn defects sensor contributes to the quality of the end product. The sensor is able to detect and eliminate smallest knots, fluff or even filamentation from the weft yarn. A wide range from 20 to 3,000 dtex and yarn speeds of up to 30 m/s is possible. The WeftMaster Falcon-i can work with monofilament or multifilament yarns and is insensitive for yarn color. It is also suitable for high performance yarns such as glass fiber, aramid, carbon etc.

About Loepfe Brothers Ltd.

Technical innovations for the textile industry were the driving force behind the development of Loepfe over the last six decades. The company, which was founded in 1955, introduced weft feelers and weft stop motion – the first electronic sensors for looms. The big success in weaving technology was transferred to the world of spinning. The first electronic yarn clearers and a data management system contributed to the success. In 1991 Loepfe developed the first yarn clearer YarnMaster, which was able to detect not only classic yarn defects but also foreign fibres as well as the first online classification of NSLT. The next breakthrough development was the online detection of yarn imperfections leading to an integrated laboratory. During the last six decades Loepfe gained a market leading position in electronic quality control in weaving and winding. The company employs approximately 150 staff in its headquarters in Wetzikon. Loepfe is present in all major textile markets worldwide with agents and service partners.

Loepfe-ITMA asia 2016

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