Weaving from Creel

Weaving from Creel
September 1, 2016 textileworldmedia

Weaving from Creel

Special attention when weaving from creel

Often tire cord fabric, geosynthetics, fiberglass- and carbon fiber fabric are woven from creels.

When weaving from a creel special attention should be given to the warp delivery unit between creel and weaving machine. The warp delivery unit enables the right amount of warp to be fed to the weaving machine.

The right design of the warp feed system is very important and therefore deserves highest priority.

crealet-textileworldmedia (2)

Warp feed for carbon fiber fabric

crealet-textileworldmedia (1)

Warp feed with 2 feed rollers


Warp delivery unit between weaving creel and weaving machine

The warp is pulled off from the creel by a feed roller of the delivery unit and feed according to the needs of the weaving process to the weaving machine.

The feed roller has to be with a suitable roll cover with the corresponding hardness and surface roughness. In some cases, a nip roller has to be added to the feed roller to ensure a warp feeding without slipping. The nip roller can be rubber coated and with a crowned lateral surface.

For high warp tension, overlapping of the warp or varying of weave-in the delivery unit can be equipped with several feed rollers. The feeding unit can be equipped with a reed or expansions comb and lease rods to keep the warp in the usual one-to-one pitch.

Additional a warp stop motion or laser stop motion can be mounted which detects any warp breaks arising from the creel. In some cases, a compensation roller is provided to ensure synchronization between the creel and warp delivery unit.

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Warp feed for narrow fabrics

crealet-textileworldmedia (3)

Warp feed for narrow fabrics


Electronic Warp Let-off

The feed roller in the separate standing delivery unit can be driven with our electronic let-off device or with the integrated let-off of the loom manufacturers. The let-off device ensures that the warp is fed with a precisely controlled tension to the weaving machine.


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