Staubli at FEBRATEX 2016

Staubli at FEBRATEX 2016
September 1, 2016 textileworldmedia

Stäubli at FEBRATEX 2016

Parque Vila Germânica, BLUMENAU/SC, Brazil 9 – 12 August 2016

Sector 1 / booth n° 11 – Stäubli showcasing solutions for optimized workflow in weaving mills

Weavers are facing increasing demands in terms of quality fabrics, flexibility and delivery deadlines. In response the complete production workflow has to be optimized. Stäubli is providing an extensive machinery range supporting mills to accomplish this challenge during the weaving preparation and the weaving process. With warp drawing-in and warp tying machinery as well as shedding solutions for frame weaving (cam motion and dobbies), and Jacquard machines, Stäubli offers equipment for modern weaving mills seeking for reliable, long-life machinery allowing smooth workflows even at highest speeds and with a minimum of maintenance.

Easy and rapid warp tying of a wide yarn count range

At the Stäubli booth N° 11 in sector 01 customers can observe the warp tying machine TOPMATIC. This machine supports the reduction of idle time at a maximum during the warp beam change and during the weaving process by ensuring perfect quality knots leading to less production incidents. With its multiple options in terms of knot formation, this machine has proven its effective output in weaving mills all over the world. Processing staple fibre and filament yarn counts ranging from 0.8 to 500 tex on the same machine without time-consuming adjustments, this machine offers high flexibility. Even textured and elastic yarns may be tied. The machine is easy to handle and fit for use on the next weaving machine as soon as it has accomplished its work. The exhibited model TPM 201 PC will be tying a 100% cotton yarn.

Shedding solutions for any application, from denim, shirting, and upholstery to terry, fancy and technical fabrics

Stäubli dobbies and cam motions have set new standards in design, reliability, and efficiency since the company was founded. The latest generation S3000/3200 rotary dobby family comes with a new locking system, the heart of every dobby. The evolutionary principle features enhanced security for the selection of the heald frames, allowing higher running speeds as well as superior reliability. Less noise and vibration are further advantages offered to the weaver.

When it comes to Jacquard weaving, weavers worldwide think about Stäubli and its electronic Jacquard machines. They are developed to perfection and available in many versions to produce practically every imaginable type of pattern and fabric. The extremely versatile type SX Jacquard machine for instance is available in two sizes, with 1408 or 2688 hooks and is adaptable to rapier, air jet, water jet, and projectile weft-insertion systems. The optimum air circulation in the machine as well as the nearly vibration free kinematics make this machine a reliable workhorse for 24h runs, day in day out.

With its complete Jacquard machinery range, Stäubli offers in addition the LX and LXL models for the creation of sophisticated high-speed applications (flat, terry and technical fabrics), available in formats up to 18,432 hooks. Two machines in tandem allow a format of up to 36,864.

Stäubli machinery offers unparalleled service life

Highest productivity levels can be maintained even years after purchase of the machines due to the customer support including technical services, operator training, and original spare parts.

Visit Stäubli at Febratex and learn more about Stäubli and its pioneering products that are the result of a well-balanced combination of performance, technical perfection and proven solutions.

About Stäubli

Stäubli is a global mechatronics solutions provider with three core activities: Textile, Connectors, and Robotics. We are an international group based in Switzerland, with a presence in 25 countries. Our global workforce of more than 4,500 shares a commitment to partnering with customers in nearly every industry to provide comprehensive solutions with long-term support.

Stäubli Textile has been developing and producing high-quality systems for the weaving industry for over a century. The company holds a strong market position in textile machinery, a position earned through the continual pursuit of customer satisfaction.

History and future

Founded in 1892 as a family-owned workshop on the banks of Lake Zürich, Stäubli is a pioneer in mechatronics, with a proud heritage of quality craftsmanship. We are also a forward-thinking organisation, in continual quest of the next great innovation that will help our customers work more productively, efficiently, and sustainably.

Enclosed high-resolution pictures:


TOPMATIC warp tying machine

stabuli TOPMATIC warp tying machine

SX Jacquard machine

stabuli SX Jacquard machine



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