SETEX to make Industry 4.0 potential accessible in textile production

SETEX to make Industry 4.0 potential accessible in textile production
February 20, 2017 textileworldmedia

SETEX to make Industry 4.0 potential accessible in textile production

Get in shape for smart factory with OrgaTEX X1


Many companies have introduced since years an ERP-software for data management. On the production floor level, machines and controls became powerful and have been connected to a supervisor software. Nonetheless the optimization of the production processes require a lot of time and cost with traditional systems.

The new SETEX OrgaTEX X1 system provides entire new possibilities to realize an efficient digital workflow. After 3 years of development and more than 25.000 lines of source code – comparable to the words in two books of Harry Potter – three modules form the new integral role that manage, predict and analyze processes and production recipes.

  • The root-data management deals with all kind of information-types and attributes used in modern textile enterprises, including maintenance, energy or efficiency information. The aim is to allow interoperability with highly specialized systems throughout the production chain.
  • The process and recipe module received a concept of using smart collections of recipe and process segments. This isn’t about replacing existing dyeing and finishing processes (although it can). It’s about leveraging some of the awesome power of the expert´s knowledge converted in self-adapting standard processes.
  • Wizards to exploit the application’s strengths of prescriptive analytics of appropriate parameters – with a usability for good old-fashioned human knowledge. With all the experience converted as formulas, we let the system adapt the production process and product quantities by an intelligent mechanism.

Built for intuitive use and to simplify complex production steps, the new SETEX MES system OrgaTEX X1 is helping from day one to reveal potential through the digitalization of the working processes

SETEX is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and implementation of automation solutions for the textile dyeing and finishing market. In twenty years SETEX has manufactured more than 40.000 industrial controller with innovative graphical user-interfaces in the German headquarters.

The SETEX supervisor and manufacturing execution system OrgaTEX is embedding production cells for an efficient coordination and optimization of the production.

More than 40 leading textile machine manufacturers worldwide are using SETEX´s innovative solutions to provide efficient high-tech machines for ease of use.

SETEX is a family owned and operated company. Being independent allows operating fast and flexible, and achieving new standards in functionality and usability.


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